About us

About Keyvan Koosha

Keyvan Koosha Engineering Technical Company was established in 1347 AD in the form of a special joint stock company with registration number 2326 and has been registered in the State Property and Deeds Registration Organization, Companies and Private Property Registration Office.

Keyvan Koosha Engineering Technical Company has been serving in our dear homeland with the first level qualification in the field of oil and gas (pipeline) and with many years of experience in implementing industrial and development projects.

The company has taken steps in the field of operational and construction by owning the machines it needs, which in turn has accelerated the delivery of projects and managed the implementation process in the best possible way. The company has proven the organization's ability to manage simultaneous projects in different fields by implementing more than fifty projects throughout the country and neighboring countries.

The philosophy of any organization is to achieve its goals. Each organization creates its own hand to the talent that identifies its mission and vision. Keyvan Koosha Company is also in line with this philosophy and its missions are classified according to your needs as follows.


  • Efforts to achieve development in the field of activities
  • Systematic approach and creating a vision-driven organization
  • Strive to achieve a learning, healthy and transcendent organization
  • Applying and continuing the principle of continuous improvement of quality and productivity
  • Observance of all requirements related to the company's field of activity
  • Obligation to comply with all relevant international standards
  • Environmental requirements during the implementation of projects
  • Commitment to continuous improvement of the level of safety, health and well-being of staff and workshop staff
  • Efforts to establish an integrated management system (IMS)


  • Implementation of projects in accordance with international standards
  • Implementation of projects and obtaining the opinion of public and private employers of the organization
  • Perform flawless projects in the shortest time and with the best quality
  • Achieve strategies and goals
  • Apply effective short-term, medium-term and long-term strategies
  • Employing experienced, efficient and specialized personnel
  • Adherence of the organization's personnel to the principles of professional ethics in order to achieve the goals of the organization
  • The organization's efforts to maintain the country's self-sufficiency
  • Efforts for continuous improvement and sustainable development