42-inch Agar-dalan gas transmission line project


42-inch Agar-dalan gas transmission line project


Construction of 42-inch gas transmission line

Project size

Construction of a 42-inch gas transmission line with an approximate length of 100 km


Iran Gas Engineering and Development Company

Year of implementation


Project description

The length of the line is about 100,000 meters, which is about 230 km - the end of the second section - the pipeline "42 Agarudalan gas transmission - starts and ends around 329 km - 2000 station - located near 1000 NGL

Repair and chamfer the pipes as needed

Welding of sheath pipes and underpass ventilation Laying pipes in underpass sheaths

Welding of connections and final connections (Tie -in)

Welding repairs, welding of pipes at the entrances of stations at the location of the first flange "42" on the main line and cooperation in making the final connection of the line and commissioning

Perform pipe bending operations

Completion and insulation work on the site and around the joints, as well as staining and repair of insulation on pipes that are defective due to damage

Put the pipe in the channel after welding and complete insulation

Provide sufficient manpower to build accessories and deploy the required equipment and prepare them to start work

Line welding based on drawings, technical specifications and welding methods approved by the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company

Providing and employing specialized personnel to work with delivery machines

Perform line radiography