30 Inch South Khorasan Gas Transmission Line Project "Rashtkhar-Nodeh Peshang"


30 Inch South Khorasan Gas Transmission Line Project "Rashtkhah-Nodeh Peshang"


Construction of a 30-inch gas transmission pipeline with an approximate length of 85 km

Project size

Construction of a gas transmission pipeline with an approximate length of 85 km


Khorasan Razavi Gas Company

Year of implementation


Project description

Brief description of executive operations

The above-mentioned gas transmission line from Rashtkhar to Jangal village and the continuation of the route to the north of Nodeh Peshang village is approximately 85 km long

The above-mentioned executive operations include the installation and commissioning of about 85 km of pipes with a diameter of 30 according to the drawings and technical specifications, and the installation operations include: road construction works, construction of service roads, canal digging, pipe spinning, Bending, welding, radiography, insulation of welds and repair points, piping, embankment, related tests, commissioning

Anticipated facilities include a ball and receiver station of Topak around 352 + 182 km and two valve stations between "30", landscaping and fencing and other necessary operations in each of the locations according to the relevant plans and executive details. p>

Procurement and supply of all proprietary materials

Construction and installation of alarm protection system and relevant station according to drawings and technical specifications

Information retrieval including: Preparation of plans and mechanical profiles of the route and implemented intersections

Preparation and mixing with suitable river mix and distribution, leveling and regulation of service road

Major Duties and Commitments of Keyvan Koosha Company (250 PSIG)

Supply of all machinery, equipment, tools, manpower as well as all services required to perform and complete the work

Supply of all required materials

Installation, connection and testing of cathodic protection stations of this project in accordance with technical specifications and standard executive plans

Concreting the foundation where cathodic protection stations are installed

Provide and install a rectifier converter at each station

Dig a horizontal anodic bed, prepare and install anodes, connect the anodes to the main anode bed cable, and fill around the anodes with coke at each station

Digging channels and inserting DC and AC cables, necessary connections and filling their channels in each station

Preparation and installation of positive and negative junction boxes and necessary connections in each station

Provide and install an AC power box at each station and necessary connections

Preparation of materials, construction and installation of metal fence for cathodic protection station number one if needed

Install the ground connection system at each station according to the standard executive plan

Connecting the negative cable to the pipe and repairing the cable connection to the pipe at each station

Perform all miscellaneous work to complete and install cathodic protection stations

Cleaning and rebuilding the workplace

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