Saveh Pipeline Station No. 6 project


Saveh Pipeline Station 6 project


Change in pipe arrangement

Project size

Saveh Pipeline Station No. 6


Iranian gas transmission Company

Year of implementation


Project description

Short description of work

Changing the current PIPING piping arrangement inside Saveh Gas Pressure Boost Station No. 6 in Kaveh Industrial Town, 10 km from Saveh, from series mode to series / parallel mode.

The executive operations envisaged in this contract mainly include the details mentioned in the list of values, which are performed in accordance with the executive plans or written work plans issued by the monitoring unit.

Equip the workshop

Delivery of goods by the employer at the station

Sand blasting and applying uniformly stainless primer on surface pipes and fittings and uniform primer on buried joints using spray method

Cutting and chamfering on pipes or fittings

Construction of required foundations under tanks, pipes, valves and surface or buried fittings

Excavation in the station area in the required depth and dimensions

Perform radiographs of all performed welds and troubleshoot defective welds

Perform hydraulic testing with water

Completing the painting of fittings and surface pipes and completing the coating of buried fittings and pipes

Tighten bolt and nut connections

Prepare soft sieve soil from excavated soils around the canal and pour it around buried pipes and fittings

Setting up automatic valves and performing related instrumentation

Carry extra material from the inside of the station to a distance of at least 5 km

Preparation and delivery of executive plans

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