20-inch Khoy - Ivavoghli gas transmission line project


20-inch Khoy Ivavoghli gas transmission line project


Supply of goods and construction of Khoy-Ivavoghli gas transmission pipeline with a diameter of 20 inches

Project size

Construction of a pipeline with an approximate length of 24 km


West Azerbaijan Province Gas Company

Year of implementation


Project description

This line includes about 23.178 km of pipes with a diameter of 20 inches and thicknesses of 0.250 inches, 0.312 inches and 0.375 inches, whose steel is APL-5L-X60.

Implementation of plans, construction of pipeline route, construction of permanent service road

Right of way

Carrying out executive operations of all civil and structural works such as drilling to dig canals, trenches, foundations of technical buildings, repair slopes, embankments, roads, construction and installation of concrete weights, technical buildings required for concrete or stone Includes bridges, water features, retaining walls, cabins and ...

Clean the outer surface of the pipe according to SHOT BLAST or GRIT BLAST method

Delivery, loading and transportation of pipes to the necessary points along the route

Align the pipe along the canal along the path

Bend pipes at required points

Welding fittings and pipes

Radio-graphic examination of tube welds and fittings

Cover pipes with special tape cover

Fittings, fittings, splits and side accessories of installations with special tape cover

Repair of pipe cover whose cover has been damaged for any reason.

Laying the pipe on the trench floor and on a bed of soft soil sifted with wind sand

Pour soft sifted soil or aerated sand on the pipe and embankment of manual soils from digging the canal to fill the canal

Installation of pipe markings and measuring points for cathodic protection potential

Covering all underground installations and painting installations on the ground

Carrying out the necessary operations for the passage of pipes through rivers, canals, aqueducts, fences, swamps and rocks

Operation of crossing obstacles such as existing underground pipes, telephone and electricity cables, etc.

Perform hydrostatic pressure testing, water supply and all required equipment, fittings and machinery

Carrying out the necessary operations for the passage of pipes through main and secondary roads and railways

Path cleaning

Mapping after line construction and preparation and submission of AS BUILT map

Project images