Islamabad - Ilam 30-inch gas transmission line project


Islamabad-Ilam 30-inch gas transmission line project


Construction of Ilam-Islamabad gas transmission line (first area)

Project size

Construction of about 50 km of 30 and 16 inch gas transmission pipelines


Ilam Province Gas Company

Year of implementation


Project description

The first phase of the 30-inch Ilam-Islamabad gas transmission pipeline consists of two parts.

a) The first section starts from within the Ilam refinery (Chavar area) and continues with a 30-inch diameter pipe to the exit point of the fence of the automatic shut-off valve station located at 550 + 38 km.

b) The second section of 693 + 9 km of 30-inch transmission line (subject of paragraph A) begins with a branch with a diameter of 16 inches and continues to the CGS station of Ilam city located at km 974 + 11 from the branch.

The most important things about the contract

Execution work related to the complete installation of about 50 km of 30 and 16 inch gas transmission pipelines

Carrying out civil and structural works such as drilling to prepare canals and leveling the runway of construction operations in the places required for trench correction

Construction of technical buildings, embankments, slope correction, construction and installation of concrete weights, technical buildings required for concrete or stone, including bridges, water features, retaining walls and guarantors according to drawings and technical specifications

Construction of a canal in the axis of the pipeline route based on drawings

Perform welding of pipes and fittings and radiography of welded

Delivery of load in transporting pipes and fittings is the responsibility of the employer to the necessary points in the piping route

Cleaning the outer surface of parts without pipe cover according to SHOT BLAST or CRIT BLAST method

Hot tubing in a fixed workshop, welding welds, fittings for side accessories to the system with a tape cover for the worker

Align the pipes along the channel along the path to the thickness of the pipes at the points shown in the route maps.

Bend pipes at required points

Repairing the cover of pipes whose cover has been damaged for any reason and insulating all pipes and fodder connections inside the stations

Laying the pipe on the trench floor and on a bed of soft sand or aerated sand

Pouring sifted soft soil or aerated sand on the pipes or increasing hand soils caused by digging a trench to fill the trench and creating fish dust on the canal

Installation of pipe markings and measuring points of cathodic protection potential according to the map along the path

Cleaning the route and transporting excess soils from canal digging

Carrying out the necessary operations to pass pipes through rivers, aqueducts .... Plastic and concrete cover

Carrying out operations to cross underground obstacles such as pipes, telephone cables ...

Perform operations to cross the pipe through main and secondary roads

Performing hydrostatic pressure test of transmission line and stations

Covering all underground installations and painting installations on the ground

Mapping the route of the line after its construction and drawing ASBUILT drawings for the approval of the supervising engineer

Install the ball sending station

Install crossroads stations

Installation of automatic shut-off valve stations

CGC pressure reducing stations in Ilam city

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