Yazd Second 40 Inch Gas Transmission Line Project - Third Range


Yazd Second 40 Inch Gas Transmission Line Project - Third Range


40 inch pipeline construction operation

Project size

Operation of 40-inch second gas transmission pipeline in Yazd, third section with a length of 18 km


Iran Gas Engineering and Development Company

Year of implementation


Project description

The above-mentioned gas transmission pipeline, the construction of which starts from about 159 km and continues up to about 177 km with an approximate length of 18 km and a diameter of 40 inches, with thicknesses of 0.625, 0.750 and 0.875 inches

The contractor's duties include all the necessary work for the complete installation of about 18 km of 40-inch gas transmission line and its commissioning and repair of defects

Supply of all construction machinery, equipment and tools, supply of consumables, goods and materials

Cleaning and preparation before piping operation

Gas pipes with a size of 40 inches in branches of about 12 meters insulated on a trailer will be delivered by the employer in the warehouses created by the contractor in the workshops and along the pipeline route. Perform all operations related to pipe unloading, depot, reloading, workshop transportation and porcelain yarn

Complete construction and installation of the pipeline

Perform necessary repairs after testing the hydrostatic test of the pipeline


Fixing defects during maintenance

Preparation of periodic reports and documents and map records for completed works

Detailed description of the project


This pipeline starts from 159 km and continues to about 177 km

Procurement of materials and executive operations related to all civil works that will be required along the route, including the implementation of required technical concrete or stone buildings, including water features, retaining walls and retaining walls, gabions and ...


Cleaning the outside of the pipe at joints and uncoated areas

Delivery, loading and transportation of pipes to the necessary points along the route

Align the pipe next to the trench along the path

The contractor is obliged to specify the required number of bends on the design drawings and submit them to the supervising engineer at least one month before the construction operations are carried out at the desired location.

Bend the pipes at the desired points

The installation of the ball receiver station and the way valves is done by another operating group

Run a 40-inch pipeline within the range of intermediate valve stations continuously and without interruption

Carrying out the necessary operations for the passage of pipes through rivers, canals and aqueducts, reputation and swamps

The pipe passes through rocky and rocky places

Operation of crossing obstacles such as existing underground pipes, telephone, electricity, etc.

Perform the necessary operations to cross the pipe through the main and secondary roads

Surveying after construction of the line and preparation and submission of the map

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