Tarom 12 inch gas transmission line project


Tarom 12 inch gas transmission line project


12-inch gas transmission line

Project size

Construction of a 12-inch gas transmission line with a length of 52 km


Zanjan Province Gas Company

Year of implementation


Project description

The contractor's duties include all necessary work for the complete installation of the gas transmission pipeline and its testing, commissioning and repair of defects

Supply of all construction machinery and equipment and tools necessary for the construction of the pipeline, as well as supply of consumables, goods and materials

Delivery and transportation of all goods and materials that are provided by the employer to the warehouses that the contractor creates in the workshops and along the pipeline route

Implement and rehabilitate the pipeline route

Construction of access roads

Construction operations area units

Leveling and leveling and preparation of construction operations runway, complete installation of pipeline and related facilities as well as cathodic protection system

Welding of pipes and related fittings according to API 1104 standard welding method

Fixing deficiencies in the maintenance period and preparing periodic reports, documents, records and drawings for the work performed

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