Ahar-Varzeqan 16-inch gas transmission line project, first phase"


Ahar-Varzeqan 16-inch gas transmission line project, first phase"


Construction of a 16-inch booster transmission line

Project size

Construction of a 16-inch reinforced gas transmission line with an approximate length of 39 km


East Azerbaijan Province Gas Company

Year of implementation


Project description

Supply of all construction machinery and equipment and tools necessary for decontamination, insulation and construction of 16-inch pipeline, as well as supply of items and consumables and necessary goods and materials, which according to the contract documents

Implement pipeline route

Construction of access roads

Implement and prepare construction operations area

Leveling and preparing the construction operation runway

Construction of service road along pipeline route

Welding of pipes and fittings must be in accordance with the standard

Construction and complete installation of pipeline and related facilities as well as cathodic protection system

Perform radiographic examination for joints according to technical specifications

Perform necessary tests and repairs

Launching pipelines

Elimination of possible defects and defects in the maintenance period of pipelines

Preparation of periodic reports and documents and records for completed works

Prepare AS BUILT maps with appropriate scale and provide maps for approval by the monitoring device and the employer

Complete installation of 16-inch gas transmission line facilities

Project images