Natanz Industries Pressure Reduction Stations and Branch Station Project


Natanz Industries Pressure Reduction Stations and Branch Station Project

Project Type

Pressure reduction stations, bifurcation stations and gas pipeline transmitter stations 16"

Project size

Pressure reduction stations, branching stations and ball pump transmitter stations "16 Natanz / Ardestan


Iranian gas transmission Company

Year of implementation


Project description

Civil station operations including construction of CGS station foundations - heaters - deodorizers and launchers - transmission line maintainers between CGS and heaters - landscaping - tabulation according to the plans provided

Carrying out all electrical operations in the area, such as construction of floodlights and installation of floodlights - cabling

Install meters and install all switches and sockets and other necessary electrical devices and install lights and other

Executive operation of the ball transmitter station

Dismantle and dig the canal

Cutting and bending



Possible repairs of welds



Insulation test with Holliday Detector

Hydrostatic test

Drain and dry

Connect stations to the main line

Concreting under valves and bolts and anchor blocks

Construction of Pig Signal Pond

Pour sludge soil and fill the canal

Station floor adjustment

Sanding the floor of the station and setting up the automatic system of automatic valves

Cooperation on gas injection operations